Best Photographer's Map of the Palouse - with over 150 Different Image Locations Throughout Whitman County

This is a sample of a section of the Palouse Map for Photographers.
There are a total of 6 map sections.
The map sections you purchase will be in focus and sharp.
While setting out to explore and capture the hidden, out of the way photographic locations of the Palouse, I decided to share my discoveries with other photographers and created an easy to read road map with over 150 uniquely beautiful locations. Let me be your Palouse Photography Tour Guide.

I believe The Palouse is a place that everyone should visit. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth, the heart of America, a place where you can still buy groceries at the local corner store. 

The Palouse has an abundance of photographic opportunities to capture all year long, stop on by!

This Palouse Map for Photographers includes six separate sections for simplified exploration. 
Over 150 different worthy sights to capture
If you have a day to explore you can focus on one particular region or section, however if you have a week you may travel the complete area and see all the sights.

The Legend Includes:
Red Barns
Lone Tree
Abandoned House
Granary or Bins

The Palouse Map sections are easily printed on 8.5x11 paper or you can store them on a mobile device on your camera roll or in an application such as Drop Box or iFile to reference anytime. 

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I will send you a link to the PDF files as soon as I receive notification from Paypal of your order - usually within a couple hours.

Please provide the name and email address to where you want the files to be sent. Easy to download. Remember you can download these files to your mobile device in iFiles or Drop Box or print them out for viewing.

If you are interested in your own private tour, contact Teri Lou at for a tour anytime of the year. Let her be your Palouse Photography Tour Guide.

Photographer Comments:

Teri Lou,

Can't tell you how valuable your maps were. Used them this weekend for early, early morning to sunset each day. Spot on well worth every penny. Thank you so much! What a great location! Now it will take a week to process them. LOL


Posted by Olaf on his blog 5-29-2014
"studying excellent maps of the Palouse by Teri Lou Dantzler"

Contact  or 509-674-8424 with any questions. Thank you!